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BUSSATs Entry Tests

BUSSATs can be taken at 11+, 13+ and 16+, which are the main points of entry for UK secondary level private schools.  The tests have been trialled internationally with a select group of UK boarding schools, and have been well-received by schools, students and parents alike.  During the trial period, top BUSSATs Index Scorers more than fulfilled their academic promise at UK boarding schools, achieving multiple A* grades at GCSE and A Level examinations.

Schools in the UK apply for a unique Academic Performance Index (API).  A control group of the school’s students sit the BUSSATs exams at the appropriate ages for 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry and their performance provides the school with an API.  When potential pupils then take the BUSSATs exams, their academic level can be assessed against the academic benchmark of the school of their choice in order to see whether it is the appropriate school for them.  Schools, colleges and coaching centres are also able to specify the range of academic ability acceptable to them, as measured by their own API Score.

BUSSATs are designed to measure students’ ability in English (comprehension and grammar), Maths (at basic, advanced and super-advanced levels), and General Knowledge (history, geography, science, current affairs and sport).  The results, provided in percentage format as well as via an Index Score, demonstrate whether a student is capable of managing the UK curriculum.

The tests, which offer over 250 multi-choice questions, are delivered over two hours using a computer-based technology platform provided by PEARSON VUE.

Once a student has sat a BUSSATs test, the accreditation remains with them and represents a valuable addition to their CV which will enhance their prospects when applying to universities and careers in the future.  Furthermore, as BUSSATs are an independent and internationally recognised academic performance index, accreditation provides students with an internationally accepted and independent measure of their ability.

An Anglo Schools International Services Ltd initiative in association with Pearson VUE.

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