What are BUSSATs?

BUSSATs are the British Universities and Secondary Schools Achievement Tests which are used to measure the academic competency of pupils and students seeking entry to a UK school or university. BUSSATs can be taken at 11+, 13+ and 16+, which are the main points of entry for UK secondary level private schools. BUSSATs are proficiency tests in:

• English Comprehension & Grammar

• Maths (at basic, advanced and super-advanced levels)

• General Knowledge (History, Geography, Science, Current Affairs and Sport)

BUSSATs provide, for the first time, a standardised measure of international student and school achievement. All questions are multi-choice. There are over 250 questions across the three tests. The tests, delivered in partnership with Pearson Vue, take around 2 hours in total.


• BUSSATs demonstrate an accurate level of your academic abilities to schools and colleges.

• Have an official certification and accreditation which you carry with you throughout your academic life showing your progress at different stages

• Receive an independent accreditation without the restriction of applying to any particular school or for it to be tied to any specific application process.

• Be positioned within a global ranking of students who sit the BUSSATs tests and get an independent measure of academic capacity.


How am I graded and what do I receive?

Each participant in BUSSATs will be awarded an internationally recognised certificate. A collection of certificates over the duration of secondary school education will create an impressive CV for university admissions tutors and future employers.

Students taking BUSSATs tests across the course of their secondary schooling will gather an impressive array of certificates. These will serve to demonstrate to university admissions tutors and to future employers the consistent capabilities of the scholar as measured against an international standard.

HOW individual candidates’ INDEX SCORE IS CALCULATED

1) The marks for each student in each subject are added up and translated into a percentage.

2) The percentage totals for each student are accumulated, providing a RAW SCORE for each student.

3) If a student scores more than 80% in English, 80% in General Knowledge, and 75% overall in Maths (‘The Benchmark Scores’) they earn 10 BONUS POINTS per % point in excess of the Benchmark Score. These are added to the RAW SCORE to provide an ADJUSTED SCORE.

4) ADJUSTED SCORES, divided by 10, will provide a student’s individual Index Score.

An Anglo Schools International Services Ltd initiative in association with Pearson VUE.

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