The BUSSATs Journey

Showcase your talent & improve your performance at every stage

At Anglo Schools International Services (ASIS), we are dedicated to helping young people achieve their goals, both in terms of school and university placements and as they move into the world of work. We have developed a range of academic assessments and career tests to ensure that students are equipped to succeed at every level.

Working with top academic partners and professional bodies, we offer students the chance to take the British University and Secondary School Achievement Tests (BUSSATs) at a variety of stages ensuring they make the most of the educational opportunities available to them. Our tests help young people gain access to some of the best schools and universities in the UK, as well as indicating how their individual performance compares to the international standard. Our Career tests analyse in depth the skills required for successful entry to particular professions, such as medicine, law and engineering. We also offer a general “Fit for Work” assessment for school and university leavers.

An Anglo Schools International Services Ltd initiative in association with Pearson VUE.

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